Types of Shoes All Men Must Have

Top 5 Must-Have Types Of Shoes For Men

Shoes are one of the things people notice about you, the right pair can elevate your entire look, and instantly make you look more polished and put together. so make sure to keep this list in mind when building your shoe collection.

1. Wingtips

Also called “brogues,” wingtips are among the most versatile (and thus, often the most worn) shoes in any man’s wardrobe.

2. “Dress Shoes”

That’s not a technical term, of course, but there are numerous shoe styles that are formal or “dressy” enough to wear on occasions that call for a suit, like weddings, funerals or job interviews.

3. Boat Shoes or Loafers

Maybe the most classic warm weather staple of all time. When you need something more casual than brogues but a little more grown-up than sneakers, boat shoes or a comfortable pair of leather loafers are perfect choices.

4. Sneakers

Whether you’re running a few quick errands or just out having a casual drink with friends, sometimes you just want to wear sneakers, you know?

Sneakers long ago developed a culture unto themselves, and it’s pretty easy to find yourself intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of shoes on the market.

5. Desert Boots/Chukkas

When the weather gets too cold for your boat shoes or loafers, swap them out in favor of desert boots or chukkas. You could easily go weeks without having to wear a different kind of shoe.

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