Ansar Gallery preventive measures for covid-19

Ansar Gallery preventive measures for covid-19

كإجراء وقائي
يوفر أنصار جاليري معقم اليدين لعملائه الكرام.
ستجده في جميع مداخل مراكز التسوق ومكاتب خدمة العملاء.
تأكد من استخدام قفازات الحماية المجانية الموجودة في أقسامنا.

يضمن أنصار جاليري قطر تجربة تسوق آمنة ونظيفة في جميع متاجرنا كل يوم.

As a preventive measure
Ansar Gallery is providing hand sanitizer for it’s valued customers.
You’ll find it in all of our mall entrances & customer service desks.
Make sure to use the free protection gloves found in our sections.

Ansar Gallery Qatar ensures a safe & clean shopping experience in all our stores, every day.

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Ansar Group Chairman receives his Professional Doctorate degree on Global Leadership and management

Ansar Group Chairman receives his honorary Doctorate degree on Global Leadership and management

Ansar Group Chairman Ali Akbar Sheikh Ali

It’s a proud moment for the Ansar Group family as our Honorable Chairman receives his Professional Doctorate degree on ‘ Global Leadership and management, from European International institute, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

22 dynamic people selected based on their achievements across the globe and the chairman is one of them.

رئيس مجموعة أنصار علي أكبر شيخ علي

إنها لحظة فخر لعائلة مجموعة الأنصار ، حيث يتسلم السيد / رئيس مجلس الأدارة لمجموعة الأنصار …المحترم ، الدكتوراه المهنية في “القيادة والإدارة العالمية ، من المعهد الأوروبي الدولي ، في كوالالمبور ، ماليزيا.

 حيث تم إختيار 22 شخص فقط بناءاً على إنجازاتهم في جميع أنحاء العالم والسيد / رئيس مجلس الإدارة لمجموعة الأنصار هو واحد من هؤلاء

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We are stronger – Ansar Gallery Silver Sponsor

Pictures from the "We became stronger" festival organized by the Tawasol Center for the organization of the National Day of the State of Qatar at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Pictures from the “We became stronger” festival organized by the Tawasol Center for the organization of the National Day of the State of Qatar at the Museum of Islamic Art.
Displaying pieces of art that demonstrate the legacy of Qatar

It was an honor for us to be a part of such a beautiful and well-orginized event. Pictures show honorary sponsors of the festival with Ansar Gallery as the Silver sponsor

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Ansar Gallery Anniversary Event 2019

Ansar Gallery Anniversary celebration was held in Ansar Gallery Barwa branch

6 PM, 19 September 2019 and hosted by Radio Olive (RJ Neeraj & RJ Simran) and Radio Suno (RJ Suraaj & RJ Nadhini).

It was a very fun evening filled with joy and excitement as games and competitions were running between the crowd from the youngest to the oldest and around 70 gifts were distributed among the winners and even those who envolved and didn’t have much luck to win.

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Ansar Gallery blood donation event in Qatar

Ansar Gallery Blood donation event with Hamad Medical Corporation blood donation

Ansar Gallery Blood Donation in Barwa

Ansar Gallery Blood Donation in Qatar this time we selected Ansar Gallery Barwa

Because this branch is a 700-meter long shopping mall where all people of all ages visit daily

To experience the complete shopping experience in the most enjoyable and fun experience.

That’s why every few months we host a blood donation campaign there in Barwa with the Hamad Medical Corporation knowing that it would benefit those who would need it, save lives when needed.

We would like to thank our dear customers who involved and always ask for such events.

And also thank our staff especially those who are always present in every blood donation event regularly.

The objectives of this year’s campaign

To celebrate and thank individuals who donate blood.

Encourage those who have not yet donated blood to start donating

To raise wider awareness in Qatar that blood donation is an altruistic action that benefits all of society.

And also supply blood through regular donations by voluntary, unpaid blood donors

To highlight the need for committed, year-round blood donation, to maintain adequate supplies and achieve national self-sufficiency of blood

To focus attention on blood donation as an expression of community participation in the health system

Also focus on the importance of community participation in maintaining sufficient, safe and sustainable blood supplies

To promote the community values of blood donation in enhancing community solidarity and social cohesion.

And in encouraging people to care for one another and build a caring community


And hopefully, we hope that we reached more people to help whenever they can.

Because blood as simple as it sounds it can be life-saving in critical times.

So where ever you are, always remember to give blood.

Make sure you follow our updates on social media so you never miss the upcoming Ansar Gallery Blood Donation event.

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Ansar Gallery – The Silver Sponsor

The ceremony of the book Majd Qatar


On the occasion of the anniversary of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, the ministry Municipality and Environment participate in the initiation ceremony of the book Majd Qatar organized by the Communication Center for advertising Tawasol and organized at the Museum of Islamic Art with also Ansar Gallery as a silver sponsor yesterday evening.

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A&H branch opening in Bahrain

Ansar Group of Companies opened our second branch under brand A&H in Ma’ameer, Opposite to Applied Science University – Bahrain.

The opening ceremony was held under the patronage of Mohammed Abduljabbar Mahmood Alkooheji (Second Vice-Chairman of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in the presence of Andrew Saadat ( General Manager), Sultan Altaa (Deputy General Manager) & other Group staffs.

The new outlet has products from across the world – with separate sections for Building Materials, Home and Office Decor, Home Ware, Hardware, Furniture, Carpet, Home Linen, Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary, Bathroom and Kitchen Items, Doors, Door Accessories, Lights, Chandeliers, Home Accessories, Household Items, Flowers, Gifts & Frames.

A & H is also offering its customers a rare opportunity to take part in a raffle draw and win various prizes that include 10 SUVs (NISSAN PATROL & FORD EXPEDITION).

Thank you all for the support until now & for the future. We are great full to the one who was a great hand for us.

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Free food stands at Ansar Gallery offer food only for those who have no money to buy food or unemployed. This initiative is widely appreciated and being supported by the group as well as affluent residents in Qatar. Check out the video and lend a helping hand to the needy people.

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