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10 Tips For A Better Morning

We all been in a morning where we feel like we can never move from the bed feeling lazy, sleepy but you have to get up either for work or school or life in general but even if you do, the full morning is usually being tired and also less productive and the mood is the worse. So here are 10 tips for you to help you get a better morning and eventually a better day. 🌅

Fashion Tips

  1. Turns out drinking coffee first thing when you wake up is a mistake— among other popular morning habits.
  2. Find the alarm clock to be a rude awakening each morning? Practice waking up naturally instead.
  3. A peaceful and positive way to get going is by practicing meditation, which has a ripple effect that can improve other parts of your day.
  4. If you’ve been meaning to schedule in some exercise during the week, try working out earlier rather than later for awesome results.
  5. Something as simple as finding the right healthy breakfast options for you can be a total game-changer.
  6. Need a more specific schedule to follow through? Matthew Toren of Entrepreneur breaks down each minute of an entrepreneurial morning routine. (Entrepreneur).
  7. You can always find inspiration by reading what successful female leaders do to get a head start each day.
  8. Always bring the same disappointing lunch to work? Make something easy ahead of time to save yourself the trouble.
  9. You can start small (and still reap huge benefits) by just drinking a lot of water as soon as you wake up.
  10. Take advice from Mark Twain by “eating a frog” every morning—that is, getting your hardest task out of the way first. (Fast Company).


It’s really up to you to make that extra effort knowing that the results will eventually reflect. We hope those 10 Tips helps with the slow morning issues and makes you love your mornings more and also turn the laziness to more productivity 😄